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Writing a resume cover letter that grabs attention and lands the job interview needs to be your primary focus. When you have crafted the perfect resume, then the next logical step is to introduce that resume to the potential employer with a dynamic and attention grabbing resume cover letter. The trick to writing the resume cover letter that works synergistically with the resume that you send is to ensure that they both work towards the same purpose, but perform different tasks towards that purpose. In the case of the resume and resume cover letter combination, both documents are sales documents designed to convince the hiring manager that you are a candidate worthy of bringing in for an interview. Both of these documents accomplish that purpose by making the case that you are qualified, interested and available for the position.

Both documents will make this case, but the differences between writing the resume cover letter and the resume lie in the strategy, tactics and style in which they make their case. For one thing, the emphasis is different. The resume is going to heavily stress the qualified piece of that trifecta, whereas the resume cover letter will stress the interested and available aspects of the candidate. As sales documents, both the resume and cover letter accomplish their goals by giving proof that the candidate has experience and success solving the business problems most relevant to the target opportunity. Every line, inn fact, of each of these documents should refer back to the candidate's relevant experience and successes, either explaining how the candidate accomplished them or testifying to the candidate's passion in accomplishing those tasks and solving those problems.

Writing the Resume Cover Letter: A How To...

Writing the resume cover letter should take place after the candidate has already finished writing the resume in a way that lays out the problem solving experience and successes in a clear, easy to understand manner. That resume is going to be the base that candidate should begin writing the cover letter to refer to. As a matter of fact, the cover letter is more or less going to be a summary of the key arguments that the cover letter lays out, only in a more conversational and personal style which will let the personality of the candidate shine through.

In addition to establishing the qualifications of the candidate by summarizing the most relevant successes and experiences that the candidate has, the candidate is best served by writing the resume cover letter that highlights the interest and availability of the candidate. Powerful ways that the resume cover letter can do this are to refer to the cover letter itself, and put those accomplishments and successes into the context of a lifelong interest in the career and the challenges that it offers. Availability is expressed by giving a solid, legitimate reason for moving on to the next career step right now. Last but not least each time a candidate writes a resume cover letter he or she should end the cover letter by asking for the interview.


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