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When you write a teacher resume, there are specific elements to focus on. The first one is the high degree of competition for the best teacher positions. As a result of the cyclical nature of the educational system, teacher resumes tend to come to the administrators in periodic waves, as colleges graduate new teachers and as teachers working in one school decide that they want to move on to another school. Consequently, a teacher resume has to stand out from a crowd of similar resumes which will hit the reader at exactly the same time. The second challenge is that a lot of the experience that goes on a teacher resume is very similar to the same kind of experience on the competitors' resumes. So how to you really stand out?

Whether the resume is from a new college graduate or a veteran teacher, though, there are some things that the writer can do to make sure they get noticed. The first one is to make sure that the teacher resume is physically perfect. It should be clean, concise and contain absolutely no typos. The second thing you can do is to be more strategic, and speak to your problem-solving abilities in ways that other resumes do not. Think about it. What is the principle or superintendent looking for in the teacher that will come work for their school? If you just said "someone that teaches" then you aren't thinking hard enough.

Things a Teacher Resume Must Say

A teacher resume which addresses all the issues that teachers have to solve daily will "pop" out to the reader. Besides the challenging task of educating the students in the assigned curriculum, teachers are continually asked to maintain discipline, mediate disputes, conduct public relations, set positive examples and a whole host of other important duties in their classrooms and communities. For that reason, a really outstanding teacher resume will list some of these accomplishments in addition to the dates that the teacher worked and the subjects that he or she taught in class. Putting these accomplishments down in bullet points, making sure to convey a sense of the problem, the solution and the results will establish that you are a candidate who truly "gets it."

Another place to shine is the "objective" line of the teacher resume. If your current teacher resume does not list an objective, then you are missing a great opportunity to demonstrate that you understand what the job and career is about and that you are passionate about pursuing it. After all, the objective line is the first thing that the reader sees when they look at the resume. Lastly, if you have hobbies, be sure to put them on a teacher resume. Educators, in addition to being professionals, are expected to be role models to their students. For that reason, anything you can do to complete the picture of yourself, as a well-rounded, interesting individual will help your chances greatly.


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