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Reviewing a sample teacher resume can help you prepare yours, but be careful. Even though most teachers frown on cheating in the classroom, many often turn to something very much like cheating themselves when they go online looking for a sample teacher resume to copy from. Despite these teacher's admonitions not to copy off fellow students during tests, or not to plagiarize information when writing papers the way that they automatically copy down the information in the sample teacher resumes is more than a little bit hypocritical! :-) After all, the same reasons apply for not copying off of final papers as for not copying off of other people's resumes. Not only is a self written resume going to be more specific and relevant to the individual who wrote it, but there is a learning practice associated with doing the work to write it that a copier simply won't be able to benefit from.

Consequently, instead of looking for a sample teacher resume, prospective teacher job seekers would be better served looking for information on how to write a better resume for themselves. Fortunately, this information is quite simple and clear. The way to write a better resume is to write the resume as a sales document designed to convince a specific reader to bring a specific applicant in for an interview for a specific job. The more narrow and focused the resume can be in addressing the unique nature of each of those specifics, then the more effective that resume will be.

The Problem With Most Sample Teacher Resumes

They are too general and generic. They give the background and information of some other teacher, or perhaps even an imaginary teacher, who is applying to some hypothetical school. Is it any wonder that the people who rely on these sample teacher resumes wind up sending resumes which all look like one another's? To stand out from this pack, you should do some thinking and research on the specific characteristics of both your target job and yourself.

A sample teacher resume needs to make the case that the applicant can solve the particular problems of the target school. If you want to do this, then you need to know what those problems are. Though there is definitely some overlap in how all teachers do their job, there is also considerable distinctions based on schools, subjects and other factors. Finding out as much as you can about the target opportunity allows you to know what issues and problems are of the greatest importance to your target school. Once you know those, be sure to demonstrate as much experience as you can in solving those problems in the "job experience" portion of your resume. Lastly, be sure to write a "career objective" sentence that conveys not only your understanding of the problems which you will be expected to solve, but also a passion for solving those problems. A passion for the teaching profession! Put that line up at the very top of your resume to serve as the first, tone-setting, item that the reader sees.


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