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The right sample sales resume can make a great template for sales professionals looking to close the deal. An excellent sample sales resume can provide a wealth of advice on how to format the resume, make it look professional, what kind of information to include, and just in general to get a sense of what works best in a resume. Ultimately, though, a sample resume is nothing more than an example to base your own resume writing efforts off of. Using it as anything more than a rough guide could have disastrous consequences for your resume, and consequently, your job search. If your sales resume doesn't SELL YOU you're dead in the water.

Even the best sample sales resume has an inherent flaw to it: it's not about you and it's not written specifically to fit your target opening. This is important because resumes, even sales resumes, are a sales document, which gain increasing amounts of power the more specific and unique they are. When you are writing your sales resume, your job experience and accomplishments are the most important pieces of information on that page. Those pieces of information, in fact, are what the hiring managers will focus in on as they try to evaluate whether you can successfully meet the challenges that the open position poses. Unless you happen to find a sample sales resume which coincidentally matches your own experience, chances are that you will be writing this section on your own whether you find a sample resume to use or not.

Other Sample Sales Resume Considerations

Think about all the different jobs and companies that you have worked for in your career, or that your friends and family have worked for. Though it is true that the jobs and environments might have some overlapping elements and some similarities, they were also quite different and unique. Each position you have held required a slightly different set of skills to interact and succeed in a different business environment and culture. Since this is true, doesn't it make sense to think that a resume which is tailored to the requirements of the specific opening would have a much better chance of success than a resume which is tailored to a generic job description or worse yet another position?

For these reasons, you should approach each sample sales resume with a degree of caution. Sure there are plenty of tips and pointers that you can pick up from a well-written sample, but at the end of the process, you will need to be able to write a strong resume on your own no matter what. For that reason, it's worth spending some time learning the theory and practical applications of resume writing and develop the confidence to create your own super sales resume from scratch. Besides creating a customized and unique sales resume which is more likely to land you the interview that gets you the job, the research you do on the target position and your qualifications for that job will serve you well when you do go on your interview.

And remember, we're talking about a SALES resume. Make sure the sample you choose does the job of selling YOU to land the interview and ultimately the sales position being offered.


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