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The right sample nurse resume can be a valuable tool for your job hunt. Especially for the health care professional who is determined to upgrade his or her resume in order to secure a better job. Used intelligently, a sample nurse resume provides a strong example for the resume writer, and gives them excellent guidance on what a nursing resume should look like and how to format the information which it contains. Ultimately, though, a sample nurse resume should not be used too closely as a guide to what information to put in the resume. The sad fact is that many people, even professionals, don't really understand the theory of resume writing and as a result don't provide an adequate example for how to create a truly effective sales document for job seekers in the health care industry.

Every resume, and by extension every sample nurse resume, should be written and read as a sales document convincing the hiring manager or job decision maker to take a specific course of action. Namely, to call the nursing job candidate and have them come in for an interview for the position. That convincing sales pitch must inform the reader that the nursing job candidate is the most qualified candidate to perform the job which the hiring manager is responsible for filling. To take the viewpoint of the hiring manager, that means that the candidate writing the resume needs to be seen as a nurse who is capable of coming in and getting the results that the position requires to be a success.

How To Evaluate a Sample Nurse Resume

So how does someone know if they are looking at a sample nurse resume that makes a convincing case in this regard? As the resume writer, it should be obvious that the most effective and honest way for you resume to make the case that you can achieve the results that the job requires is to show that you have achieved them before. Consequently, as you evaluate some samples, look for the ones which focus their writing on results, achievements and actions in the Job History section of the resume. These sample resumes at least demonstrate that the writer has an understanding of how an effective sales document works, and could provide a useful example for your own writing efforts in the nursing field.

Another thing to look for in a sample nurse resume is how well the writer has utilized the other pieces of the resume. Each section of the resume can further the argument that the candidate is qualified for the position by virtue of having solved the relevant business problems in his or her life. The educational section, especially post graduate and continuing educational work, demonstrates your proven drive to learn how to do your job better. Your Activities section can show how you've picked up relevant skills and experiences off the job. Most importantly, your objective line section of the resume can express your passion for solving the relevant business problem for the position and doing what is necessary for success in that field.


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