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There are many problems with using a sample job resume for your job hunt. One, is that most samples typically presents an attractive, but ultimately ineffective, example for job seekers to emulate instead of creating their own resumes. For most job seekers, time is short and so spending the effort and energy to actually learn how to write an effective resume just doesn't seem to be worthwhile. Instead, what these job seekers do is find a sample job resume online, change a couple of words throughout to make it applicable to themselves and send it out into the job market. When they do that, they are counting on chance and luck to do their job seeking work for them. Maybe the hiring manager will bring them in, maybe the hiring manager will not. In any event, there's no real strategy for job search success.

The problem isn't always that the sample job resume is badly written. Sometimes it is, sometimes it's actually pretty well written. The problem is that a sample job resume is usually too generalized and generic. It has, after all, either been written for a non-existent job about a non-existent candidate for sample job resume purposes only or it has been written by someone besides yourself for a real job. In either case, it does not accurately reflect either your background or specifically target the kids of information required to prove qualification in your target job. The problem with this is that resumes gain power the more specific they are.

More Sample Job Resume Drawbacks

Each job has an array of requirements and the typical sample job resume cannot be expected to come into your possession already written to prove that you possess those requirements and are qualified for the position. To create that kind of targeted, intelligent, strategic selling document, you will first need to do the research to discover what kind of problems the position is responsible for solving. Then you will need to think about what kind of results you have achieved in your own career that would prove to the reader that you have solved those problems for yourself at work. Lastly, you would need to describe the actions and results you have achieved in your career in a way that effectively proves that you meet the requirements of the position.

Few sample job resume writers know how to go through this process to create a resume which makes hiring managers convinced that the writer is perfect for the opening. Even if the writers do write resumes that properly follow this set of steps, it's not likely to be in a job or field relevant to your target position. So, all things considered, it's actually easier in the long run to just write the resume yourself and make sure that you can make it as specific as possible. After you get the job, then you can present the resume you have written as a sample job resume to the next person you meet looking for a helping hand!


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