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The idea of a sales resume being different from the rest is actually redundant. Every resume worth sending to a target employer is really a sales letter going to the hiring decision makers and convincing them to bring you in for a resume. So since every resume is supposed to sell, and candidates for a sales position are supposed to sell, then it stands to reason that a sales resume needs to be even better at selling than an any other kind of resume. Luckily, writing a great sales resume doesn't have to be as hard as making an afternoon of cold calls. Once you've picked up some key concepts, you can easily apply them to any resume you have to write.

The first concept has already been presented. The job of a resume is to sell the employer on, YOU, the candidate. The second is almost equally simple. Namely, that the job that you are applying for isn't expecting you to just show up, they are expecting you to solve problems for them. It's your job, as a candidate and sales resume writer, to find out exactly what those problems are. If it's a sales job, chances are good, those problems involve convincing customers to buy more product, but you can get a lot deeper than that. Are the problems with inside sales or outside sales? Does the company have a strong sales force or weak? Does it retain customers or lose them? Are its challenges from competitors coming from price, quality, service or a combination? What kind of marketing support does the sales team have? And so on and so on and so on. The better job you do finding out the answers to these questions then the better your chances at landing an interview are going to be.

Putting YOUR Sales Resume Together

Once you've got a sense of the challenges and conditions the target position faces, the next piece of writing a sales resume is easy. You simply need to write the resume in such a way that it proves that you can meet those challenges and conditions immediately. Ultimately, the most effective way to prove that you can meet those challenges and conditions is to demonstrate that you have solved them. Consequently, the most important pieces of information on your sales resume will be your achievements and accomplishments that you list as part of your job history.

But really effective sales resumes don't stop with merely listing accomplishments in the job history. Other sections of the resume, such as the educational section and the activities section, offer a chance to demonstrate achievements relevant to the target position as well. Last but not least, the objective portion of the resume gives you a chance to demonstrate not only your understanding of the challenges of the position, but your passion for meeting those challenges as well. Put all together, the ideal sales resume makes a hiring manager feel like you're ready to do the target job today!


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