How To Know If Resume Writing Services Are for You

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Resume writing services are companies or individuals who promise to write an effective resume for your job search benefit. Oh yeah, and in exchange, they would like some of your heard-earned cash! But beware. Often these services are well worth the money. Just like any other field of human endeavors, experience teaches someone how to do something better and many of the people who offer resume writing services have been writing resumes for a very long time. Consequently, they are often able to bring a lot of theory, technique and tricks to your resume. If you have an unlimited budget, and have a firm idea of what job you want, a resume writing service is often a very efficient use of your job-hunting budget.

If, on the other hand, you have a tighter budget or have the desire to make a career change without a firmly defined job objective then a resume writing service might not be for you. You might get even more good out of learning how resume writing services work their magic and repeating it for yourself. If you take that this tack, you are likely to find that you have learned a great deal about both work and yourself out of the process and wind up with more than a simple resume when you are finished.

How Resume Writing Services Work In General

Resume writing services make the kind of money that they do because they have developed specific strategies and techniques to turn candidates' resumes into advertisements to get those candidates interviews. Luckily, the basis of these strategies is hardly secret. In essence, the resume writing services simply do an excellent job making the candidates' job expertise, education and accomplishments into a selling proposition that that candidate can solve the most immediate business problems that the target company is facing. Pulling this off, as it turns out, is actually less a function of writing as it is researching and thinking. Before you can prove that someone can solve a specific business problem, you have to know what that problem is. So that is one of the things that the resume writing service does.

Once they know what the target company needs, the it is a relatively simple matter to select the kinds of expertise and qualifications which make a convincing case that the candidate is that type of person. Of course there are some specific writing strategies that resume writing services use, like employing active verbs and tangible achievements, but those are easily reproduced by the resume writer who is willing to do a little bit of research. The best part of doing your resume yourself instead of relying on a writing service to do it for you is that the research, thinking and writing process that you go through clarifies your thinking so well that you are prepared to shine when you finally do get the job interview. That is the kind of side benefit that no resume writing service, no matter how skillful or professional, can match.


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