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Are you a job hunter looking for a great resume writing sample? Chances are that you have a target job at a target company already picked out for yourself. You know where it is, the kind of work you would be doing, the job title and probably have a good idea about the corporate culture of the place you would be doing it. So here's an idea: Instead of looking for a resume writing sample, combine that information you already know with some new information that you find through research and write your own resume. Chances are it will be just as easy as altering a resume writing sample to fit your specifics, and the result is more likely to get you the job interview that results in the job.

The problem with the resume writing sample route is that the samples and templates that you find online are to general and generic. Either they are the resume writing samples created by someone else for another job or they are imaginary resume sapless created for imaginary jobs. Either way, they don't fit you. You are a unique person with your own unique combination of skills, talents, experiences, expertise and personality. The job that you are going for is equally unique, with a specific set of duties, roles, problems and attributes. The resume that most convincingly matches these two unique pieces together is going to be the resume that you want to send off to the target.

Better Than a Resume Writing Sample

If you used a resume writing sample, you would need to alter so much of the information to match your job and your background that it would be just as much work as writing it yourself. So go ahead and do that. As you do, remember that the more specific you can make the resume, the better. The best place to start is finding out the specific deities and problems that the target opportunity is mean to solve. This requires some research, even if you might think that it is self-explanatory or obvious. Once you have that information, then you need to do some thinking and imagine a way that you can take your accomplishments in the workplace and elsewhere and use them as pieces of proof that you are well experienced solving the major problems that the target job must solve.

Very few resume writing samples are well thought through enough to employ this surefire tactic and the ones that are don't necessarily apply to you and your target job. When you make these proofs of your problem solving expertise, a good way to paint a full picture of your competence is to employ the problem, action, result model in your job history section. Don't forget to include accomplishments outside of the workplace, if they are relevant to the problems that the job presents, and feel free to summarize your major career goals and passions in an "objective" line that the reader sees first thing when he or she starts reading your resume.

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