The Secrets To Great Resume Writing

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Effective resume writing doesn't have to this big insider industry secret. Nor does it have to be the kind of service that you pay hundreds of dollars to have done for you. It is possible for you to learn the secrets of the most successful resume writing techniques by simply doing a little research and thinking. The thinking part is just as important as the research part, too. That's because successful resume writing is more a process of tailoring your letter to "why" you are writing the resume, and less about "what" words you put down. As a matter of fact, once you've got a clear, accurate perception of why you are writing the resumes, the what and how naturally follow.

What is the purpose of your resume? To show your qualifications for a particular job? True, you are showing your qualifications, but you should be doing that for a specific reason --- to land the interview! And you shouldn't be just showing your qualifications either, you should be highlighting your qualifications, and using them to make a simple, effective statement, namely "I can help to solve the business problems that you face." That is a subtle distinction, but one which can make your resume writing much more effective.

Many people think that jobs are specifically shaped holes, and their resume writing should simply describe the candidate's shape. This line of thinking believes that if your resume shows that you happen to be in the right shape (same job title, identical experience, right major and so on) then the Hiring Manager will know from the resume to stick you into that appropriate hole and give you the job. And in some specific, hard to fill jobs, that kind of thing might just happen. The thing is, for many candidates and employers, this kind of thinking is inappropriate.

A Better Way To Think About Writing Your Resume

On the candidate's side, it's possible that you are trying to change jobs and change fields, so you don't automatically fit into that shaped hole. On the employer's side, it's possible that their business and needs constantly change, that they need an employee who can be flexible and adapt to the reality of the business on a day to day basis. Instead, the better way to think about the resume writing process is to establish your ability to solve the business problems that your target company might face. Naturally, the closer that you are able to match your specific kind of experience with their specific kind of business, the better, but even if there isn't an exact match you are still a viable candidate. Besides thinking a little bit differently, this kind of resume will require a bit more in the way of research. Instead of just listing your experience randomly, you need to find out what the biggest business problem that this position at this company is hoping to solve and brainstorm a way to show that your experience and training has made you best able to solve it.


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