What Does The Professional Resume Writer
Know That You Do Not?

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Did you ever wonder what a professional resume writer does differently? What separates the average resume writer from the pro? Why is their resume writing worth so much more money to job seekers? Have you ever been curious as to what sorts of tricks they use to justify the expense of hundreds, even thousands, of dollars to craft just the perfect resume? If you ever were curious, one way that you could find out would be to hire a resume writer and to get coaching from him or her. The other, cheaper, way would be to simply keep reading. As it turns out, the pros don't know magic tricks, they just know what a resume should do and make sure that the resumes they write for their clients do those things.

I a nutshell, the job of a resume writer is to create a resume that will get the candidate the job interview for their target job. That part is obvious. The way that the resume gets the job hunter the resume is by demonstrating that the candidate is qualified, available and interested for the opening. Qualification is proven through the strategic use of the candidate's job history or skill set listings. In addition to listing the basic information of where the candidate worked, what their title was and how long they were there, the effective resume writer gives a sense of the kinds of problems the candidate encountered and solved for their employers. Specifically, the skillful resume writer will convey the problem that the candidate faced, the actions that he or she took, and the positive results that he or she achieved. What's more, the professional resume writer will do an initial evaluation of the target position and make sure that the problems that the candidate brags about solving match up precisely to the problems that the target firm also encounters.

What Else The Resume Writer Does

The skillful resume writer establishes interest throughout the resume, but really hammers that home with the 'objective" line of the resume. That objective line is the place where the personal interests of the candidate are put onto center stage and the candidate can openly state his or passions. Again, though, the professional writer makes sure that the objective is completely in line with the target company's culture and job opening requirements. Often it helps the writer to think in terms of what kind of person the target company has a history of hiring, and what their objectives have been. That kind of thinking really helps create a resonance with the hiring manager that begins on the first line of the resume.

Availability is determined by the fact that the job hunter is sending a resume to the target in the first place but a skillful resume writer establishes that the timing is also optimal for a career change. This can be accomplished by showing that the candidate has reached a natural or convenient place to make a career change.


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