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Many people asking for resume tips just want to make it easier to find a job. That's obviously the bottom line here. Though there are plenty of places out there which are more than happy to advise you to create an acceptable generic resume and then blast it out to as many job boards and target companies as possible, if you are more interested in getting a better job than you are getting simply another job, those kind of resume tips are not for you. If efficiency and effectiveness is your goal, then you are better off using a "sniper rifle" approach than you are the "shotgun" style of job searching.

Though this resume tip ends up making the job search process much slower and harder work, the benefits of tailoring each resume as much as possible should be evident. For starters, your resume should be tailored to the industry and field of your target job. If you are switching companies or titles within the field that you currently work in, this should be pretty easy. If you are moving into a new field or line of work, you might have to become a bit more resourceful and creative. To make your transition seem natural, do a little thinking about the kinds of problems and situations which your target company and field encounter on a regular basis. Do you have similar or perhaps parallel experience with your current or past employment? If so, a basic resume tip is to put this front and center in your list of job experience.

Taking The Resume Tip a Step Further

A lot of resume tips stop there, but it's possible to be even more specific with your resume. Do you have one or more target companies that you are most intent on working for? Do these companies have different markets, different strategies, and different corporate cultures? Probably. So why not tailor each resume you send to the specific requirements of the company which you send your resume to? Sure it's more work, but each hiring manager at each company doesn't care that you are sending out your resume to many different organizations. He or she is looking at the resumes coming in and evaluating them on the basis of how well the applicant will fit in at his or her company.

More resume tips to consider are that the jobs that you list in your experience section should not stand alone. You should specify what you did at each job, and more importantly, what problems you solved and accomplishments you earned while there. Lastly, a valuable resume tip is to include an objective line. The objective line is the first thing that the hiring manager sees when he or she picks up the resume and it can go a long way towards setting the tone of the rest of the document for him or her. So be sure to create the impression that you are passionate about the position you are targeting.


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