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Here is a resume tip you want to know about: Create a compelling Summary Statement or Objective. If you are not sure what I mean by this I highly suggest listening to this audio by clicking the link below:

Resume Tip: The importance of a summary statement or objective

That's a great resume tip but the question is what good are many other tips floating around online? Thousands of resume get written daily and just as many are read and thrown away without an interview being granted. Assuming that the writers of those resumes took the time to look up the resume writing tips before they wrote those resumes, that leads someone to believe that there is are a lot of bad resume writing tips out there in the world.

So how is someone to know when they have come across a good resume writing tip as opposed to a bad one? Here's a clue. If a tip is advising you to do something which involves less research and less thinking as part of writing your resume, then that tip is probably bad. Writing a great resume isn't hard, but it does require some effort to take place between your ears before your fingers even get near the keyboard. As a matter of fact, the ratio of thinking to writing should be about ten to one.

Another Great Resume Writing Tip: Individualize Each Resume

The best resume writing tip is more of an observation. Each resume that you send out should be as individual as the company that you send it to. Think about it. No two companies are the same and no two opportunities or work environments are going to be the same. Consequently, creating a single one-size-fits-all resume which you then send out to every target company on your list won't be as effective as if you considered the specifics of each company and opening before you wrote the resume. That means, however, that you will have to do a lot more research and study before each resume goes out. At a minimum you should have a clear idea about what problems your target opportunity is expected to solve on a daily basis, and what kind of duties they will be expected to fulfill.

No resume writing tip would be complete without suggesting that you learn even more, as much as possible. Imagine, for example, if you learned that the department of the company that one of the companies you are wanting to work for is very team-oriented and requires that all its managers take a very active role teaching and mentoring their co-workers. On the other hand, another company is more individual-oriented, and believes that competition brings out the best in each employee. Wouldn't knowing these factors cause you to write two radically different resumes for these two companies? For the first one, you would doubtlessly emphasize your teamwork and mentoring experience. For the second, you would point to your individual achievements above all else. Differences like this exist in the workplace. By spending some time to find them, and adjusting your resume appropriately, you can give yourself great advantages over the rest of the resumes which come in.


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