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Finding an excellent resume template should be a top priority for do-it-yourself job seekers. Choose yours carefully. Here's why: A good resume template does more than simply show you how to craft your own resume. I mean, it does that, but by doing it, it shows you a new, effective way of thinking about job hunting, employers, working and heck, maybe even life itself.

Now before I start sounding too "New Age-y" about resume templates, let me explain what I mean by that. A resume template is simply an example of a well-written, effective resume, one which has gotten someone an interview and a job. So, in essence, it's an example of a piece of writing which had the information and form sufficient to motivate a hiring manager to pick up the phone or go to their computer, and set up an appointment. Consequently, I think it is safe to say that something in that resume template matched up with the thought process of that hiring manager. If you accept the proposition that you can learn things about the object of an action by studying the tool that performed that action, then it should be clear that a first rate resume template can tell us something about the thought processes of hiring managers. The only question is what.

Characteristics of Successful Resume Templates

Typically, successful resume templates show a very intense focus on a specific target job. This is because hiring managers want to fee that whoever takes the open position that is being offered is aware of what that position entails, and is actually excited by the prospect of landing that job. Secondly, successful resume templates show a very strong bias towards action and active problem solving. Hiring managers don't want someone to come in and simply "do" or "be" whatever the job title is. They are looking for someone who will come in, see the problems they are responsible for solving, take the appropriate action necessary to solve them, and keep taking that action until the problem is solved. They are looking for evidence of that history on the resume they see, and you should be looking for it too on your ideal resume template.

Quality resume templates express more than just focus and a history of success, though. They also give evidence of the attribute of PASSION. These employers know that the day to day grind of the job can get anyone down, they know that people will come across other things in their life which appear attractive and distracting, and that personal issues and life changes may alter someone's situation. But they are confident that if someone has passion for what they do, loves their field, is excited by the change that doing that job makes in the world, that the other changes have less of a chance of affecting that employee's work performance. What's more, passion is contagious. Once you have someone with excitement, drive and joy working someplace, it simply lifts the tone of the workplace to remind everyone why they started working there in the first place.


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