How Do You Choose A Resume Writing Service?

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A resume writing service can be a valuable resource for those job seekers who can afford the expense. A resume writing service offers an aspiring job hunter the benefits of a professional touch to the resume writing process. For the most part, the resume writing professionals have a lot of practical experience in what kind of resumes get the results that the job seeker wants, and in many cases they have a thorough understanding of the theory behind the choices they make. All that expertise comes with a hefty price tag though. Professional resume writing services can charge hundreds of dollars to write a resume for you.

These services come with another hefty price tag as well, one which isn't quite as obvious. If a job seeker uses a professional writing service, then they don't gain the experience of writing a great resume for themselves. Though this may not sound like much of a problem, it really is. Writing a solid, interview-getting resume is an intensive process of research, thinking and clear writing. Going thorough the process is a learning experience that teaches you about your job history, your target company and job, the process of landing the job you want and even a little bit about yourself.

You Can Be Your Own Resume Writing Service

Writing your own resume instead of using a service can instill all these lessons because a well-written resume appears simple, but is actually the product of a lot of thought and research. Put in the most basic terms, the purpose of a resume is to convince the reader that your experience, education, background, personality and interests make you the best candidate to solve the business problems that your target job is responsible for solving. Put in these terms, you can see how your resume is a little bit more involved than simply a list of all the jobs you've had. For starters, you've got to figure out what the business problem that your target job needs to be able to solve is. This involves doing some research and some thinking to be able to summarize this in your own mind.

Once you've got that figured out, then you've got some more thinking to do about how your experience demonstrates your ability to solve that problem. Instead of just listing your jobs and their duties, you've got to consider the various skills that you've developed, instances of how you used them and relevant results that you've obtained. Lastly, your resume should demonstrate, usually by achievements and awards and extra educational efforts you've taken, that you aren't just going through the motions on your job that you are passionate and motivated. By the time you've figured all this out and gotten it into a clear, concise form to put on your resume, you've done more than write an effective resume. You've clarified your career position and objectives, and prepared yourself to shine in any interview situation, a far better result than even the best resume writing service could provide for you.


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