Beware: All Resume Samples Are Not Created Equal!

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A well written resume sample can give the job seeker a great head start on crafting the perfect resume. Just like anything else in the world, seeing how something has been done right can inspire, educate and guide a second person into doing the thing right as well. The problem with the resume world is that there are a lot of poorly written resumes out there being used as resume samples. And even if the resumes are poorly written, they are simply not applicable to every single person and job.

The weak point about a resume sample is that resumes are a document which depends on specificity and uniqueness to do its job as effectively as possible. When you are applying for a job, you are a specific individual applying for a specific opening at a specific company with a specific work environment, set of challenges and corporate culture. It's not realistic to think that a resume sample that you find on the Internet would be able to match up with all those difference specific variables and provide you with an example that you can automatically make your own without serious alteration. Yet that is what many people try to do with resume samples. They change the name, obviously, then the titles of the jobs and leave the bulk of the information and format exactly the same.

What A Resume Sample Is Good For

A resume sample is good for getting a sense of what a resume should look like, in terms of the spacing, formatting, font and physical attributes. A resume sample is good for seeing what kind of information is on a resume which works well. A resume sample is good for seeing how someone went about solving the exact same problem which you are trying to solve: writing a resume that proves that you are qualified to take the job and should be brought in for an interview. Those are all pretty basic and general items. For specific verbiage and examples of job experience that you should use to make your resume stronger, a resume sample isn't going to be the best place to figure that out.

For those issues, rather than go to a resume sample, you are going to have to look to yourself for answers. What kind of problems do you think the opening has to solve most frequently? What accomplishments will make someone a success in the new position? What kind of person is the company looking for? Do some research, ask some people, do some reading and talking about the target company and get the answers to these questions. When you do so, you will be able to take the resume sample, and make the specific changes that are necessary to turn it into your own personalized selling document. One piece to be sure to add is the career objective. That is the first thing that the reader gets to see, sets the tone, and gives you a chance to establish your passion for the opportunity right away.


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