Why A Resume Objective Statement Is So Important

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The resume objective statement can turbo-charge your job search. For most resumes the resume objective statement is the first line of the resume and the first thing that the reader lays his or her eyes on. For that reason, a well written resume objective statement can both set the reader up for what is coming and also set the tone for the rest of the resume. Another reason that the resume objective statement is so important is because its the one place on your resume where your passion and personality are allowed to shine through. This is an important aspect that should not be overlooked.

Every other section of the resume is about achievements, successes and accomplishments. In other words, about tangible actions and historical fact. By comparison, the objective statement is a section which reflects your hopes, wishes, dreams and emotions. In a similar manner, the resume objective statement is unique in that it refers to the future. Every other statement of the resume is about either the past or the present. Either you are doing something now in your career and education, or you have previously accomplished something. The resume objective line, however, tells the reader what you want to do, what you hope to do and what you intend to do.

How To Write A Strong Resume Objective Statement

For something as important as a resume objective statement, you can't just write the first thing that comes into your head. First you must think of what the essence of the job is, what problems the target employee must solve on a regular basis. Once you have that figured out, the you should write the objective statement in such a way as to show that your career objective is furthered by solving that problem as often and effectively as possible. Also think of things from the point of view of the employer. Don't write an objective statement which is merely a wish list of what you hope to attain and achieve in your life. Do a little bit of thinking and come up with a way to write the objective statement thinking about what they want.

Imagine that the employer is looking at the resume objective statement and thinking to himself or herself "what's in it for me?" Lastly, make sure that your objective statement is in harmony with the rest of your resume. If you say that your career objective is one thing, but you don't have any history of pursuing that goal in your resume, that resume career objective line actually weakens your overall message. If it happens that your career objective is to move into a new career and that's why your resume job history doesn't match up with the objective line, then you must find a clear and legitimate way to address that discrepancy in either the summary statement line or in the cover letter.


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