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A resume objective is like a compelling headline at the top of an article. It serves as an attention-getting item display at the top of the resume. Job hunters who believe in the power of the resume objective frequently seek out resume objective examples to give themselves a starting point for that section of their resume. Some job seekers, however, do not go looking for resume objective examples and believe that they have the ability to write their own without assistance. Still others don't know enough about the power of an objective (also known as a summary statement) to know if they should include one on their resume. I firmly believe that a summary statement or objective placed at the top of a resume is one of the most effective things a job seeker can do to land more interviews.

Ultimately, you should look at several resume objective examples to get an idea of what you'd like yours to say. However, there are several factors to consider before looking and adapting an example to fit an individual job-seeker's resume. As in many things, an objective line in a resume is something which must be done well to have any usefulness whatsoever. If the job seeker chooses to base his or hers on a poorly written example, or if he or she blindly copies one, the end result will be ineffective at landing interviews. Written effectively, a resume objective offers a unique opportunity to set the tone for the rest of the resume, gain attention right off the bat and to establish the personal goals which drive you to seek a new position.

What Makes A Great Resume Objective Example

A great resume example objective contains the three elements of specificity, passion and Employer-centeredness. Specificity is important because it demonstrates to the employer that the candidate knows what he or she wants to do with the next step of his or her career. Naturally, before you can put this specific information down, it's necessary to do some research and thinking about what the candidate does want to do next, not just in terms of the title and salary that the job seeker hopes to attain but the kind of experiences that he or she wants to have and the skills which he or she wishes to add next. Passion demonstrates that the candidate is not simply showing up to work and going through the motions to pay rent, but rather is excited and energized by the challenges of the job.

Employer-centeredness in a resume objective example demonstrates that the candidate isn't merely thinking about what he or she wants to get out of their next job, but that he or she has given serious consideration to what he or she offers his or her next employer. Ideally, the resume objective would be written in a way that demonstrates all three of these elements in a single short sentence. Something along the lines of "To manage a dynamic sales team to achieve consistent, expectation-beating results" for example conveys all three aspects very economically.


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