The Resume Objective: Your Resume's Secret Weapon!

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Resume objectives are powerful attention-grabbers and I highly recommend using one yourself. In fact, most job seekers just don't realize the power that a well worded resume objective can have. Whether or not they put one on their resume depends on whether the free resume template that they are looking at for guidance includes one or not. Unfortunately for those job seekers who don't put their objective on their resume, they are missing out on a chance to really impress the hiring manager.

There are a couple of reasons why a resume objective is so powerful. The first one is best characterized as "real estate." Think about where the objective line of a resume is located. At the very top, right? Making it the first thing that the resume reader sees when he or she puts his or her eyes on the page. Something so prominently placed is bound to have a disproportionate effect on the reader of the resume. Poorly written, or unclear or diffuse or just plain strategically unsound, ad the reader may not even bother finish threading the rest of the resume. Should that objective line be strategically formulated and effectively executed however, then it sets the positive, powerful tone for the rest of the resume.

Crafting Your Powerful Resume Objective

The second reason that the resume objective line is so powerful can be defined as "proof of perspective, passion, and purpose." Think about it this way. Everything else on your resume speaks to your past and present only. Your job history is all either in your past, except for your current job. Likewise with your educational experience, interests, hobbies accomplishments, awards and achievements. By comparison, your resume objective line is not about your past, it is about your future. To put it another way, the other 99% of your resume tells the reader what you have done. This is very important, and should be as solid and impressive as possible, but the objective line is the one percent of the resume that speaks to what you want to do, what your goals are.

A powerful resume objective line will establish that you have a realistic, optimistic perspective. You don't believe that your target job is the center of the universe, but neither do you believe that it is just something that you need to do to pay the rent either. It has some sort of intrinsic value, to both yourself and to the world that you recognize. Passion speaks for itself. Given a pair of equally qualified candidates, the employer is going to choose the one who is the most excited, that is to say passionate about the position and industry. Your resume objective is a natural place to let this shine. Purpose speaks to your long-term goals, both personal and professional. A clear, relevant, noble purpose lets the employer know that you will bring an unwavering commitment to success to your job from day one.


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