All Resume Makers Are NOT Created Equal

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A resume maker is a piece of software which prompts the user to enter in information about their job history, qualifications, accomplishments and other categories of information. The resume maker then takes those pieces of information and formats them into a resume for the user. Any job hunter who finds an online resume maker should be a bit cautious before entrusting the most important document in their job search to that software. Though resume makers can generate some powerful, effective resumes, the job hunter needs to be well educated in how to write great resumes in order to evaluate that output and make whatever changes are necessary to get the resume just write. After all, for most job seekers, the resume is the only communication that he or she is likely to have with the hiring manager of their target company. If it isn't a hardworking selling document, then that resume is thrown away and with it go the chances of that job seeker.

Whether created by a human writer or an automated resume maker, the resume is, to put it simply, a selling tool which convinces the hiring manager that the job seeker's experience, qualifications, education and interests make him or her able to solve the business problems which the target job is responsible for. Based on that salesmanship job done by the resume, the hiring manager then makes the decision to bring the candidate in for an interview. Every line of your resume should be aimed towards convincing the reader of the candidate's ability to solve the business problems that their position is responsible for.

A Resume Maker Can Help Your Job Hunt

Obviously, unless it is some super Artificial Intelligence resume maker that just came out, it's highly unlikely that any piece of software is going to know what the business problems you will need to solve in your target job are, much less how your experience and qualifications make you able to solve them. So this information will have to be provided by you. It should go without saying that if you don't know the answers to those questions yourself, then you won't be able to provide that information to the resume maker. For that reason, you might have to do some research and thinking before you even start answering the questions that the resume maker poses you.

Once you've got this information straight in your head, go ahead and use the resume maker to produce a resume. Take a look at it and see if it does what it should, according to the definition of an effective resume discussed earlier. Check also to see if it uses proper grammar, active verbs and if everything is in a clear and easy to understandable format. Don't think of the resume maker's product as the final version. Think of it more as a starting point to work from. If this seems like a lot of work to you, think how much more work it will be to keep searching for a job.


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