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Your resume layout choice determines what kind of information you include on your resume. And ultimately how the reader receives it. So to create the resume which has the kind of interview getting, job landing power that you want, spend a little bit of time and energy deciding which resume layout is the best for you. Generally speaking, there are two main varieties of resume layout for you to choose from the first is called the chronological format and the second is the functional resume layout. These two resume styles have different purposes and are suitable for different types of candidates.

The chronological resume layout is the typical, normal choice for most job seekers to use. It starts with contact information, proceeds to the job history section, which lists job titles in a reverse chronological order, then concludes with such categories as education, activities and accomplishments and achievements. In the work history section, each title is fooled up with a brief bullet pointed summary of the most notable accomplishments in each title. For maximum effect, these summaries should give the reader a sense of the problems which the candidate solved in each position, the kinds of results they achieved and provide some sort of context which shows why these results were better than average. This kind of resume is best used for most candidates, especially those with a strong work history and proven area of competence in a specific field. Reading a resume in a chronological resume layout, the reader can get a sense of the candidate's consistent, progressive job advancement in a single job or series of jobs in that particular field. As a result, the reader can easily determine what kind of experience the candidate have and what kind of job they will be best suited to hold next in their career.

The Functional Resume Layout Might Be Right For You

The functional resume layout, however, is a bit different. It starts with the name and biographical details, but then proceeds to list the skills or functions, which the candidate has the strongest experience in. For instance Research, Client Service or Business Development. Under each of these headings in the function segment, the candidate lists some accomplishments, which demonstrate his or her superiority in that category. These accomplishments should give a sense of the kinds of problems the candidate solved, how and what results they achieved. It's worth noting that the accomplishment listed in the section could come from any point in the candidate's career.

The purpose of the functional resume layout choice is to highlight capabilities and skills over specific job experience. The kind of person who would want to use this resume layout is someone who has a fragmented job history, who is returning to the workplace after an extended absence or someone who is hoping to switch careers or fields. In these cases, the functional resume makes a strong case that the candidate has the necessary skills and strengths, despite a lack of specifically applicable experience.


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