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There are a few resume sample formats out there, in books, magazines and on the Web. The question is, how many excellent ones are there? There are plenty of format samples that can show you how to make yours look good. But how many resume format samples provide the strategic writing insight that will help you create the resume that will get you the job interview that gets you the job you want? The answer is, sadly, not many. Just the fact that these resume format samples are being offered free of charge should give you some sort of clue to how much they are worth. But there is always the chance that you could run across a great one, so you should have some sort of checklist ready to be able to recognize one when you see it.

A good resume format sample gives you an idea about what a professional appearing resume looks like. This sample format will give you ideas of spacing, font, bullet points, even how you can divide your information to make it as clear and attractive as possible. These resume format samples are valuable in their own way. Like everything else, there are discernable trends in resume format design over time and it's helpful to have your resume format look as modern and professional as possible. Ultimately, though, it's not the way that your resume looks that will get you the resume that gets the job. It's the information on it and how well it sells you to the reader of that resume.

What The Right Resume Format Sample Can Show You

A great resume format sample will show you how to use your resume as a sales document, one that basically persuades the reader that you are qualified, available and interested to solve the business problems confronted by the open position that you are applying for. Though there are many different theories about the best way to do the, the consensus is that there is nothing quite as effective as demonstrating past accomplishments to guarantee future accomplishments. So on your resume, each line should be used as another piece of information in that argument. For that reason, the jobs listed in your work history should be elaborated on with bullet points which lay out the problems you encountered, the actions you took and the accomplishments you achieved.

In a similar format, any educational achievements, awards, hobbies or other information that are listed on a resume format sample should support the argument that the candidate can solve specific problems which are important to the target opportunity. For instance, if you are applying for a management position, but your job experience so far has been mostly solo, then a demonstrated experience leading teams in sports and charity environments goes a long way towards establishing your ability to lead teams at work. Lastly, a great resume format sample will include an "objective" line.


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