What Is The Perfect Resume Example?

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Finding the ideal resume example to build yours from is not an easy task. A resume is, without a doubt, the most important document to your job search success. Whoever hires you for your next job will need to see your resume at some point, and most likely will use it as a way to assess whether or not to bring you in for an interview. Consequently, your resume is one of those things that you have to get just exactly right. The problem is that when you go look for information and advice on the subject of resumes you get deluged with a tidal wave of resume examples, sample CV's, resume writing advice and more suggestions than any sane person would know what to do with.

For many job seekers, the temptation must be strong to forget the whole resume example mess altogether and just go back to work at their current job. Or to just add an extra line at the top of their old resume and start slinging it out there. That would be a big mistake. Because despite all the specific advice out there, the secret to a strong resume is to have a couple of key concepts in mind and make sure that whatever you wind up sending out to the world conforms to these key concepts. As long as whatever sample resume you are looking at matches up to these core concepts, chances are it will do the job it needs to do.

Resume Example Checklist

First: is the resume example that you are looking at SPECIFIC and FOCUSSED? I know that many workers and job hunters are open to more than one type of job from time to time. Maybe you are working on an unrelated endeavor, like going to school or pursuing a writing career, and just need a job of some kid to keep you going. There's nothing wrong with that, but you don't want for your resume to reflect that. Employers want to believe that the person that they hire knows what the job they will fill is, and passionately want to be in that position right now. If that isn't the case, and you are applying to more than one kind of job, then simply write an alternate resume for each job that you want.

Second: Does the resume example in front of you describe your experience in terms of ACTIONS TAKEN and PROBLEMS SOLVED? Employers don't want someone who will just come into work and go through the motions of whatever their job title happens to be. Believe me, they've probably already got plenty of people there at the job who fit that description. They want someone who will come in, address the specific business problem that they are responsible for, take a variety of actions to solve that problem and achieve an acceptable result. Any resume example which you come across which really gives a sense of that kind of job performance is a good sample to base your own resume on.


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