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Building a resume by yourself is only a good idea if you use some type of software. With a stronger resume, an employee is likely to get a better job, more money and rise up their career path faster. Luckily, learning the most effective resume building techniques can be accomplished with the absorption of a couple of key principles. Once a candidate has a firm idea of why he or she must write a resume in a certain manner, then the how naturally follows.

The first and most important aspect of resume building that a candidate must learn is the purpose of a resume. To put it in its most simple terms, the resume is a sales document which precedes the candidate into the hiring decision maker's office and convinces him or her to see the candidate for a job interview. Though that concept seems simple enough, many job seekers don't quite understand it. They seem to believe that the resume is a historical document or a profile of the candidate. Not so. It is a sales document, and is designed to prove to the reader that the candidate is the most qualified person to perform the target job.

Resume Building To Prove Qualifications

The second element that one must master in the art of resume building is to get a clear grasp of what it means to be qualified for a position. To put this as simply as possible, to be qualified for a position, the candidate must be able to do the job as rapidly as possible. That is, to come into the position and begin solving the problems and achieving the results which the target position is responsible for. Before starting resume building, a candidate would be well advised to do some thinking and research about just what problems need to be solved. Often, this process of research will reveal aspects of the job which are not readily apparent to most candidates, but which the hiring managers are definitely using as a basis for evaluating the candidates they see.

When the candidate has a clear idea of the problems the target opening is responsible for, he or she simply begins resume building in a way to prove that he or she is qualified to solve them. The most logical and effective way of proving that is to simply prove that the candidate has solved exactly that problem before, in conditions similar to that of the target company. The more clearly a candidate can draw the parallels between his or her achievements and accomplishments and the achievements and accomplishments that demonstrate effective problem solving at the new position, the more qualified he or she will appear. A logical place to display these achievements and qualifications is in the job history section of the resume, but there is no need to stop there. All areas of the resume are places where you can demonstrate your qualifications.


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