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Writing the very best resume CV, or curriculum vitae, should be priority number one. That's because all of the other very important job search actions that you will take -- looking for ads, applying online, networking, contacting potential employers --- all lead to the moment of truth when the hiring decision maker picks up your resume CV and decides whether or not to bring you in for a formal job interview. To make sure that your resume is written in a manner which turns that moment of truth into a job opportunity for yourself you should master a couple of key concepts which will help you to sell yourself on paper.

The first key concept to incorporate into your resume CV writing practice is that your CV is nothing more or less than a selling document about yourself. It's not a biographical summary or a chronological summary of your time in the job and educational system, nor is it a profile of what you are like as a person. It's a selling document, designed to convince the reader that you, the candidate, are qualified for the position. The second concept to adopt into your CV preparation process is that employers are looking at resumes and CV's with the hope of finding proof that the candidates can solve the problems and challenges that the open position is responsible for. To the hiring manager, that is what "qualified" means --- someone who can come in and assume responsibility for the positions problems and create good results.

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The third concept to assimilate is that the best way to prove that you CAN solve a problem and get a result is to demonstrate that you HAVE solved that problem and gotten that result. Consequently, proving your past successes and accomplishments in the areas of responsibility most relevant to the target position is the prime objective of your CV. A strong, efficient way to do this is to include a couple of lines for each position in which you briefly summarize the relevant problem you faced, the actions that you took and the results that you achieved. Don't stop there, though.

As you write your resume CV, be aware that there are many opportunities to prove your success and achievements solving the relevant problems for the target position. Your educational section lets you show that you pursued studies in how to solve the relevant problems. Your activities and awards and honors show your relevant successes outside of the workplace. Most importantly, though, your objective line of your resume lets you show how important solving those problems are to you, and the passion that you feel for accomplishing and achieving in that area. That passion, if convincingly and honestly expressed can make all the difference in the world. If employers have to choose between to equally qualified candidates, they will choose the one with the greatest degree of passion for the job.


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