How To Write A Resume Like A Professional Resume Writer

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Put yourself in the place of a professional resume writer. Imagine that you are coming in to work for yourself as the resume writing client. Let's go through it step by step. If you walked into a professional resume writers office the first thing that he or she would ask you is for a great deal of information about your target job. He or she would need to know more than just the job title, requirements and description. He or she would want to know about the field, the industry, the job environment, the corporate culture and most importantly the problems that must be solved and the results that must be achieved in order to be considered a success.

If that is what a professional resume writer would want, then you should find all that information for your own resume writing efforts. In fact, just like a professional, you should use that information as your guide to writing the resume. The second thing that the resume professional would want to know is your job history. He or she would want to know where you had worked, for how long, your job title, your job duties and what your most notable successes and achievements were on each job. As you told him this information, he or she would be thinking how to link your experience together with the information about the job.

How A Professional Resume Writer Thinks

A professional resume writer would take the information about your job history and use it to form convincing arguments that your success and achievements prove that you match up exactly with the requirements of the ideal job candidate. Using that information, the resume professional would write the resume in such a way that it would contain a capsule description of the problem that you faced and the conditions that you faced it in, the actions that you took to solve them and the successful result that you achieved. By the time that the resume professional finished writing the job description section of the resume, they would make you look like you are experienced and successful at all the problems and requirements of the target position.

But the professional resume writer would not stop there. A professional would use every section of the resume to hammer home your qualifications for the role. He or she would use your educational section of the resume to show that you have training and education that prepares you for success in the target occupation. He or she would use your activities and organizations sections to show that you have continued to build skills and networks relative to the job even in your free time. He or she would use the awards and honors section of the resume to prove that your excellence is recognized. Most importantly, he or she would use the objective section to demonstrate how your passion for your problem solving drives your career.


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