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Those job hunters looking for a professional resume example should be wary. Though there are some great examples of professional resumes which can get results out there on the Internet, there are also a lot of poorly conceived and written resumes littering the informational superhighway like so many discarded candy wrappers and old newspapers. In order to avoid picking up one of these poorly written resumes and sending it out to the world as a representative, job seekers should learn what a great resume does so that they can recognize it when they see it for themselves.

A professional resume example should do one simple, single, solitary thing: it should convince the reader that the applicant is qualified for the position and worth bringing in for an interview. In other words, the ideal professional resume is a convincing, that is to say, selling document. Many people do not understand this concept. They think that a resume is some sort of historical document, one which coldly and factually lists the jobs that the applicant has ever held in his or her life. Neither is it a biographical statement either, one which is supposed to give the reader a complete portrait of the writer's personality. It's a sales document.

Professional Resume Examples And Strategies

Professional resume samples that get this distinction are quite easy to spot. What they do is make a specific, simple case that the applicant is capable of solving the business problems that the target company believes are most important for that position to solve. And the way that these superior resume examples do this is equally simple. They convince the reader that the applicant can solve the problem by proving that the applicant has already solved the problem once before. Along with each job title on the professional resume example, there is a quick bit of bullet-pointed information which lets the reader know the nature of the problem the applicant faced, the steps they took to solve it and the results that they achieved.

What's more, the professional resume example uses each part of the resume as a place to drive the point home over and over again. The education and activities and awards segments, for example are used as places to show more achievements relevant to the target company's business problems. These pieces are especially important for those resumes where the job history might have a gap or two of skills and experiences that the target company takes seriously. The objective line, additionally, is well utilized by professional resume writers. These resume writers know that the objective line is the first one the reader's eyes fall on, and can set the tone for the rest of the resume. In the objective line, the savvy resume writer will tell the reader that he or she is passionate about the field, the job and the challenges in it. If a job searcher finds a professional resume example which meets all these criteria, it is one well worth emulating.


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