What Makes A Professional Resume?

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It's time to revise your resume into a professional resume. Professional resumes present you to the job market as an experienced, competent, proven professional, as an individual who has accomplished much already in their career and is capable and ready to accomplish more. Chances are the resume that you have already does not fall into this category. Most people create a resume one time in their life, when they first start job searching, save a copy of it on a disc and simply update it every so often as their job titles or companies change.

To take the old resume you have and turn it into a professional resume, you are going to have to do more thinking than writing. The first thing to think about is where do you want to go professionally from this point and why? What field do you want to work in? What title? What are the duties of that title? What kinds of business problems does your target title solve most frequently. What do you like about that job and field? What kin of people succeed in that field and what do they do that results in their biggest rewards? You may know some of these answers already. Others you might have to do some research or maybe talk to some people to get educated on.

Writing Your Professional Resume

Once you've got those answers straight in your mind, then you can begin to craft a new professional resume that is specifically tailored to make your next career goal a reality. Look especially hard at the business problems that the target title faces on a common basis. Your resume and cover letter should eventually be condensed down to a case that you are extremely qualified to solve that business problem. The best way that you can make that case is to demonstrate that you have already solved that very same problem in your career, many times, and with excellent results. In your new resume, under each job title you have listed, you should write out the problems that you faced, the actions which you took and the results that you obtained.

Creating your professional resume with this mindset makes it very easy for the hiring manager to envision you arriving on the job with the experience and ability to begin performing at a high level immediately. But you shouldn't stop there. Every piece of your resume, including your education, awards and personal information should support the premise that you are experienced at solving the kinds of problems that your target opening is expected to deal with most frequently. Lastly, top off your resume with a strong "objective" line. This line, if crafted to show a passion for solving the problems which the target opening is most concerned with, sets the tone for the rest of the resume and lets the reader know that you, as a candidate, "get it."


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