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The ability to post a resume online is one of the greatest inventions in the history of job searching. Thanks to the various career websites that let you put your resumes online for the world to see, you no longer have to go through the process of sending your resume out to ever company that you would like to work for in the hopes of finding one with an opening that matches your qualifications. Instead, you can put your resume online and have every company looking for someone like yourself come find you. Still, as great as the ability to post a resume is, it works even better for you if your resume is as strong and effective as possible before you post it.

Whether you post a resume or send it to a hiring manager directly, the resume is supposed to do one thing and one thing only. It should sell the reader on your ability to solve the business problems that the open position is responsible for, and convince the hiring manager that you are worth interviewing. That's it. If the resume gets you a job interview, then it is a success. If it doesn't get you an interview, then either your qualifications or your resume needs improvement. Since qualifications require years of work experience and training to upgrade, but a resume takes only a couple of hours of thought and writing to improve, let's concentrate on the resume first.

How to Post Resumes That Work

I said in the paragraph before this one that the resume you post should convince or sell the hiring manager that your qualifications and experience make you capable of solving the business problems that the target job is responsible for. Bearing that in mind, wouldn't it make sense for you to write your resume with a clear knowledge of the business problems that you are trying to convince the hiring manager that you can solve? If you are applying for a job that is similar or merely a promotion from your current position, this should be pretty simply. If it's significantly different, or in a different environment, you may need to do some research to get a real grasp of what you need to be persuading the hiring manager that you can do.

Once you've got the problem figured out, the best way to convince the reader of the resume you post that you can solve that problem is to say that you're already doing it now or have done it in the past. This means listing your achievements and results. One effective format for doing this is to adopt a "Problem, Action, Result" series of blurbs after each job on your resume. Use action verbs to give a sense of initiative and these blurbs or bullet points become especially powerful. If you have done your homework, and tailor these points to the very same issues that the target job will address, the hiring manager who reads your posted resume will think that you are reading his or her mind when he sees your resume.


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