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The online resume is one that has been posted online, either on a website or some sort of job search database where it can be accessed by employers looking for candidates. Because the online resume is so new, it has only sprung onto the scene in the last ten years or so, not everyone has developed an effective strategy for writing one. What that means is that if you, the job seeker, are proactive enough to write an online resume which works, you will have a considerable advantage over these other job seekers. Luckily, the online resume is more like traditional resumes than it is different from them, so making the adaptation to this form should be relatively easy.

At its heart, the online resume is a regular resume which is adapted to be scanned by keyword searching programs for relevant phrases. All that means is that you need to be cognizant of what keywords potential employers are likely to search for when they need someone like yourself. This information is often quite self-explanatory in many cases. If you are an accountant, chances are that employers will be looking up words like "accountant" and "CPA" and "accounting" when they are looking for you. For other professions, it's not quite as simple. For example, many employers are looking for people with specific program experience, which the normal resume may not think about highlighting. Once you've done a little bit of research about which keywords employers use to search for employees like yourself, be sure to put those keywords in your resume a few times. For optimum ranking results, you should put those keywords in your resume in the objective line, and in the body of your job experience.

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Once the online resume has been picked up by the search engine and presented to the potential employer, it has to stand on its own as a resume. That means that the online resume has to be as effective a sales tool as a normal resume which you would send into the target company for consideration. As a result, the online resume needs to do as good a job as possible of demonstrating that the applicant has a strong record of achievement, accomplishment and problem solving in their work and personal history.

An online resume has a bit of a disadvantage in that it's always going to be a little more generic than one which the applicant has sent to the target company his or herself. In the case of a targeted resume, the applicant can do some research and find out the specific attributes about the target company and job and environment to tailor his or her resume to match. For the online resume, though, the resume is simply in the database and can be read by anyone. Lastly, be sure to go onto your online resume and update it frequently. Employers searching for talent typically only search the last couple of months to find people who are active in the job market, so stale online resumes don't get picked up by the search engines.


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