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Nursing careers are one of the fastest growing professions in the job market and a top-notch nursing resume can give you a real advantage. Despite the shortage of qualified nurses and the intense efforts to recruit health care providers, there is still great value to writing a resume that puts you in the lead above other similarly qualified nurses. In other words, just because you might have a nursing degree and experience don't think that you can get the perfect job without doing some serious thinking and writing on your resume. Just as in any job, there are better nursing jobs and worse ones--and those that pay better than others.

So what exactly makes a nursing resume stand out? Or alternatively more or less effective, than other resumes. The answer, as in all other kinds of resumes lies in specificity. Each nursing job and environment has specific characteristics that have to do with the nature of the healthcare services being provided, the corporate culture, the job duties, the people that work their and many other factors. Each nursing candidate has an array of personal and professional characteristics as well, including different educational backgrounds, experiences in and out of the workplace, cultural and personal differences. The nursing resume that does the best job of getting the interview and the job is the resume which takes the specific personal characteristics of the applicant and uses them as proof that they match the requirements of the position.

How To Create An Amazing Nursing Resume

Obviously, a nursing resume cannot convincingly prove that the candidate is a match for the jobs needs if the candidate does not know what the job needs are, and for that reason a well-written resume starts with research on the specific problems and conditions at the target job. Any information which you can find, especially from people who may have a personal experience with the target company gives you ideas about what the company or opening is looking for and consequently how to package yourself as that person.

Just as obviously, a nursing resume can't just be a list of the attributes and characteristics that you believe that the position requires. You have to prove these points and the way to do that is by the use of accomplishments and results. As a part of your work history section, you should reference specific accomplishments which are relevant to the requirements of the job. These should be put forward in a "problem, action, result" style which shows how you approach challenges and the results you achieve. In this process, don't feel that you have to limit yourself to your work accomplishments, either. Often the characteristics that people develop in school, in hobbies, or as a part of their upbringing provide the deciding factor that makes a hiring manager want to take a closer look.


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