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Warning: A poorly written nurse resume can be hazardous to your job-hunting health. Now and for the foreseeable future is a great time to be in the nursing profession. For demographic reasons, the demand for talented and professional nurses is growing while the quantity of trained, competent nurses can't keep up with the demand. As a result, nursing salaries keep rising annually, every health care provider is on the lookout for nursing talent and an entire industry of recruiters has been created to find and recruit nursing talent to the highest bidder.

Still, even in a market like this, it pays to write a great nurse resume. After all, not every job is created equal and offers the same kind of pay, benefits and environment. Even if the job market is clamoring after nurses in general, you can be sure that there is still considerable competition for those very best nursing jobs. Creating a nursing resume which stands out from the pack is the very first step towards making sure that you get one of the coveted jobs immediately. Fortunately, learning how to write a great nurse resume isn't an insurmountable challenge even for the busiest health care professional. More than anything else it's a matter of learning a few basic principles, then applying them in the way you write the resume.

Nurse Resume Guidelines And Tips

The first principle to follow when crafting a nurse resume is to be as specific as possible, and tailor each resume as individually as possible to the target job. Think about how you would react in an interview. If the interviewer were to mention that they are looking for someone who would be heavily involved in mentoring new hires, chances are good that you would spend some time talking about your mentoring experience to show that you are well-accomplished in that area. Writing a resume is the same thing, only instead of reacting to a statement from the target company, you have to go on the offensive and find out exactly what they are looking for yourself even if that means going on the internet or talking to people currently working there and asking them for information directly.

Once you have that information about what the target is looking for, you simply put it into your resume, just like you would mention it in the interview. A natural place to place these relevant accomplishments and achievements is in the job history section, along with the titles and dates of your previous jobs. Other places in the resume offer more opportunities to establish your skills in the required areas. Your educational achievements speak to your training in the relevant skills, your other activities section demonstrates ways in which you have developed the needed skills outside of the workplace and the objective line shows your passion for exercising that skill.


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