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A Microsoft Word resume template can offer a great head start on writing yourself a killer resume. Because it's in Microsoft Word, you can easily change the relevant information, starting with the name and contact details up at the top and fully personalize it to your experience. At the same time, just because it is so easy, a Microsoft Word resume template can offer temptation to be lazy with writing your resume. You might be inclined to only make superficial changes to the template, which would result in a resume which looks more like the template than an honest and effective characterization of your suitability for the target job.

For that reason, it's important to use the Microsoft Word resume template as a starting point. It gives you the basic form and organization of our resume. Your information, however, should be your own. For starters, you should start your resume with an objective line. The objective line is the first thing that the reader reads and consequently, can set a positive tone for the rest of the reading. An objective line is also a place to demonstrate that you understand what the career you are pursuing is about, not only in the specific day to day operation but on a more overarching, big picture level. What's more, you are passionate about the career on that level as well.

A Microsoft Word Resume Template Checklist

After an objective line, a Microsoft Word Resume Template worth emulating should begin listing job experience in reverse chronological order. These jobs listed should contain, at minimum the job title, the time you held it and the job duties which you were responsible for. Additionally, to set yourself apart from the average Microsoft Word resume template user, each job should have one or two or three bullet points which demonstrate achievements most relevant to your target job. More specifically, these bullet points should convey that you have extensive, result-getting experience in solving the problems which are most important to your new position. Naturally, if you aren't sure what problems your new position is most expected to solve, you will have to do some research on this topic, as well as the corporate culture and any other information you can have about the target opportunity.

After listing your work experience, a good Microsoft Word resume template will include sections for awards, honors, organizations, education and anything else which you feel speaks to your ability to solve the important problems at your target job. Don't neglect any opportunity to mention anything which is important. If your current occupation is more solitary, but your target job is heavily involved with working with people, listing your experience leading and managing organizations outside of the workplace goes a long way in conveying your ability to do the new job. Last but not least, get a second opinion on your resume, preferably from someone in that field. Whether you wrote it yourself from scratch or adapted from a Microsoft Word resume template, any resume needs another pair of eyes to find typos and make sure that it is appropriate.


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