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Making a resume isn't a problem for most job seekers. Making it GREAT is the challenge. Most everyone has a resume already made up someplace on their computer. The difficulty is making a resume that lands the interview; that is to say one that gets the reader interested, excited and on the phone to the jobseeker to have an interview. Resumes that do that require more than simply listing all the places that a jobseeker has worked or gone to school. To make a resume which maximally leverages the candidate's experience, credentials and personality that candidate will have to strategically craft a resume specifically targeted at the opportunity of his or her choice.

That is because resumes that work are nothing more or less than creating a killer sales document. And anyone in sales will tell you that the secret to making the sale is in knowing what the customer is looking for and convincing that customer that you have exactly that thing. In the case of making a resume, the customer is the hiring manager of the targeted opportunity and the item in question is the jobseeker. Consequently, the first job of the jobseeker is to find out what the customer wants. Though this might sound simplistic to some, who would simply say that the company wants "a teacher" or "a sales manager" it isn't that easy.

Making A Resume Specific And Relevant

Making a resume that addresses the company's true desires means getting beyond the initial level of job titles. What the company wants is to have an employee who will take care of the problems which that opportunity is expected to solve. Finding these things out may involve more than just looking the company up on the Internet. See what articles have been written about the companies in the trade press, talk to people in the industry and when possible speak to employees of that company itself. When you know what those problems are, and you know what kind of environment that employee will be expected to solve them in, you develop a much more specific idea about what kind of candidate the company is looking for. The next step is to convince the company that you are exactly that type of candidate.

That isn't as easy as simply listing all the kinds of attributes that you believe the company wants, though. You have to prove that these attributes apply to yourself and the best way to do that is to list examples of when you solved exactly the kinds of problems that the target company needs to solve in exactly the same type of environments. This is best accomplished by highlighting the results you achieved both in the workplace and out of the workplace which are the most relevant to the targeted companies desired results. Focusing on results, and the actions and obstacles that you overcame to achieve those results convinces the target company that you are a proven success, one that that fits the description of what they are looking for.


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