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Writing an effective job resume doesn't have to be difficult, intimidating or expensive. All it takes is applying some thought and effort into the purpose of the job resume and how the job resume could best accomplish that purpose. In a nutshell, the purpose of the job resume is to convince the reader that you are qualified for the position and should be brought in for an interview. The way that an effective resume does this is to establish clearly that you have substantial, positive experience solving the business problems that the target company faces and that you have consistently achieved the results that the target company wishes to achieve.

Judged on this basis, it's clear that a job resume is more than simply a listing of all the titles which you have held before and where. Though it is strum that that information must appear, it serves as more of a context for you to establish your problem-solving credentials. Consequently, after each listing of a title, you should give at least one quick bullet point account of some accomplishment that you can point to while in that position, giving a sense of what the problem was, what steps you took and what the results were. Before doing so, however, it's in your interests to do a little bit of thinking about your target company and which problems and accomplishments that company might be most interested in seeing experience in.

Job Resume Writing Considerations

Though you might think that which accomplishments to list on a job resume might be self-explanatory, it's not. Each company is subtly different in terms of their business model, growth plan and corporate culture. The more specifically you can target your information to each target company the better off your job resume will be. Once you've used your job history section to make the case that you can solve the problems that your target company is most concerned about, you can start using other sections as well. Educational and personal accomplishments are great places to show problem solving and result-getting expertise which didn't happen in the workplace, also should definitely make it to your job resume.

Lastly, don't forget to write a forceful and relevant objective line for your job resume. This line is the first one that the reader will see and will set the tone for the rest of the resume. It's a good idea to strive to take a tone of realistic passion in your objective statement. Realistic in that you are aware of the nature of your field and its requirements but passionate in your dedication to succeeding at its most challenging elements. With the completion of the objective line, your job resume is close to completion and only needs the review and critiques of someone else. Often typos and awkward sentences can escape the writer's eye after he or she has spent hours working on it so each resume needs to have another person take a look at it before it goes out.


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