How To Write A Resume Free Of Common Mistakes

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Write a resume free of the most common errors and you give yourself an instant advantage. This skill will pay for itself many times over in greater job hunting success throughout your life. Before you can learn how to write a resume free of these errors, you need to learn what they are. Most resume errors are a result of not thinking clearly about what a resume needs to do and how to best do that. Many people think that a resume is like a historical document, that it coldly and factually records your job history, period. As a result they write it in ways which fail to fulfill its true purpose as a sales document, designed to convince the reader that the applicant is qualified to do the target job and worth bringing in for an interview.

Learning how to write a resume free of this limitation means thinking about what would make a convincing argument to an employer regarding your qualification to do the target job. Clearly, one of the most convincing, in fact, the indisputably convincing argument that anyone could make would be simply stating that the applicant has already performed that job successfully in his or her career. That, as a matter of fact, is what the most successful resumes attempt to prove. Even if the applicant has never done the exact job as the targeted position, the well-written resume shows that the applicant has solved similar problems and achieved results similar to those sought by the target company.

How to Write a Resume Free of Careless Errors

If you truly want to learn how to write a resume free of the most basic mistakes, you should do some research on the target company and learn as much about the company as you possibly can. Most errors that resume writers make are errors of generalization, errors of giving information which is not as specific as possible and targeted directly towards the position that the applicant is going after. Without knowing the exact kinds of problems that the target company is looking for someone to handle for them and in what type of environment, it's going to be extremely difficult to write the resume that convinces the reader that the applicant is perfect for the position.

Of course, learning to write a resume free of mistakes also requires that the writer take the steps necessary to avoid the stupid, careless errors of typographical errors and grammatical slip-ups. Even the most educated and intelligent writers can make these kinds of errors, especially if it is a document which they are completing under a time crunch and are going over again and again. For that reason, be sure to let someone else, preferably someone in the field or industry which you are targeting take a look at the resume before you complete it and send it off. Often just putting another pair of eyes on the resume is enough to catch these simple mistakes.


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