How To Type A Resume That Gets Results

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Learning how to type a resume that lands the job interview is a valuable skill! Knowing how to type a resume that gets potential employers excited gives you a sense of security in case something bad should happen to your company or position, and gives you options which you can then leverage into better pay and benefits where you are. Luckily typing a resume which does all the right things that a resume should do to get a job isn't all that difficult. All that you need to do is get a couple of key concepts clear in your mind.

As you type a resume, the first thing that you should remember is that a resume is a sales document. Just like a sales agent who goes into an office and tries to convince the hiring manager that you should come into for an interview, your resume should work from start to finish to get you into the interview. The way that the resume you type will do that is to prove to the Hiring Manager that you are qualified, interested and available. Of these three factors, obviously, the most important is qualified. If you aren't qualified, nobody really cares how interested you are and whether or not you can start this afternoon!

How to Type a Resume That Works

Thinking of how to type a resume becomes easier when you consider that demonstrating qualifications is pretty simple when you think about how you would want to be convinced that someone is qualified to perform a service for you. Say that you need an operation and are speaking to potential surgeons. What do you want to know? First, that the surgeon has received sufficient instruction in the basic principles of medicine and has a thorough grasp of the principles of surgery. Secondly, you want to know if he or she has performed this particular type of surgery before, and achieved success at it. How are you going to find these things out? For one thing, you're going to look at their academic credentials, where they've been operating, for how long, and if they've got any awards or achievements in their background which speak to their success.

Type your resume the same way. Obviously, surgeons and other professions have more cut and dried qualifications and licenses that they would list, but other professional have awards and achievements and tests and certifications which demonstrate expertise and success. Be sure to include as many of those as are relevant, and to explain someone on your resume the kinds of problems you have loved at each position you have held. Those are the points that you will use to make your argument or sales pitch to the Hiring Manager.


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