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How to make an effective, attention-grabbing resume. After all, making a resume is simple. Just go online, find some free resume examples or templates and make some changes to fit your experience. That's all it takes. Now on the down side, a resume like that isn't likely to stand out in the crowd, at least not in a good way. And so it's not very likely to get you the interview you want, so someone else will get your target job while you wait around endlessly to hear back. So it's a tradeoff.

Learning how to make a resume that does what you want isn't quite as simple. First it takes a little bit of research about the format of the resume itself. You should decide whether your target job is more of an extension of your current career path or a departure from what you are doing now. If it is an extension of your current job, then you will want to go with what is known as a chronological format. This is by far the most popular, and the one that we are all most familiar with seeing. The way how to make a resume like this is to list your job experience in reverse chronological order, with a brief description of the responsibilities and accomplishments of each job listed under each position.

How To Make A Resume That Works For You

If your target job is a new field for you, or if you are reentering the workforce after a long break you need to think about how to make a resume that follows what is known as a functional format. This simply means that your resume highlights the things you have done and the skills that you have demonstrated over the entire course of your career, rather than simply lists the jobs you held. Typically, the body of the resume would be a listing of these skills or functions, and the next section would give a very summarized rundown of the actual positions you held.

As you think about how to make a resume, it's important to remember that the format of the resume is not quite as important as the intellectual content and strategy that goes into it. Your resume is a salesman, going into the hiring manager's office and convincing him or her to see you for an interview. Like any good sales presentation, it's important that every word of your resume be aimed towards making that meeting happen. The best way to do this is to write your resume in such a way that it convinces the hiring manager that you have the experience and qualifications to come in and solve their businesses most pressing problems immediately, and also have the ability to grow into someone who can solve more challenging problems in the future.


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