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The functional resume is unfamiliar to many job seekers. Finding a functional resume sample which can clearly and graphically demonstrate what one should look like is an important goal. With a functional resume sample to look at, these job seekers can get a sense of what sorts of information one of these resumes should contain, and how it should be organized and formatted. With this example, plus some strategic and tactical considerations about what a functional resume is supposed to accomplish, a job seeker can create his or her very own functional resume best able to get the interviews and jobs that he or she wants to get.

As a quick look at a functional resume sample shows a sharp departure from the typical resume that most job seekers have seen and written in their life. That typical resume, called a chronological resume, puts most of the burden of work on the job history section. That section is where the resume writer attempts to demonstrate their skills, achievements and successes that they gained at each job, listed in reverse chronological order. In the functional resume, however, the job history section is summarized and shrunk into a separate section which merely lists the job titles and dates of employment.

Functional Resume Sample Considerations

As you see in a functional resume sample, the bulk of the resume is taken up with a section entitled Skills or Experience. Instead of being organized by job title, this section lists broad or specific job functions which the candidate has significant experience in, then lists the contexts of where the candidate achieved success in each of these functions. The reason that a candidate would choose this format of resume is simple: their job history, for whatever reason, does not present as strong a case for why they are qualified as they might like. Typically the reason is because they are either changing their career or are coming back to the workforce after an extended absence.

As you look for a functional resume sample, pay particular attention to how well they prove the candidate's mastery of their relevant job skills with tangible accomplishments and achievements. As you write your own functional resume, these are the samples you want to emulate. Saying that you are skilled at sales or a master communicator doesn't convince anyone. Showing that you lead your sales team three quarters in a row or that you wrote your company's monthly newsletter convinces everyone. Most importantly of all, do some research ahead of time to discover what particular skills and functions the target job needs a successful employee to have. Make sure that you include those skills in your functional resume, and emphasize them by putting them at the very top of the resume's skills section. All the proof of skills in the world won't matter to the potential employer if they are looking for some other skill set.


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