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A free sample resume cover letter can be of great assistance to the job seeker. And there is no doubt that a well-written cover letter can make the difference between a resume that winds up in the "interview" stack and one which goes into the "recycle bin" pile. For many job seekers, overwhelmed with the requirements of finding a position for themselves, picking out the free sample resume cover letter which they use is more or less a matter of chance. They go onto the Internet, they type the keywords into a search engine and take more or less the first one that pops up. Those job seekers are missing an opportunity to help improve their job search chances of success by applying a couple of simple tests to the free sample resume cover letters that they encounter.

A free sample resume cover letter should read like an intelligent, plain-spoken, convincing argument that you, the applicant, are interested in the position, available for immediate hire and qualified for the opening. Let's look at these elements one by one. Intelligent means that the sample resume cover letter does not resort to a lot of strings of cliches like "please find enclosed cover letter" or "To whom it may concern" or any other piece of language which the reader has read a thousand times before in his or her life. Intelligent means that you have obviously done a little bit of research about the company, about its business, its needs and the opening that you are targeting. Plain-spoken means that the resume cover letter does not attempt to use a lot of fancy words or sound more corporate than they truly are. A resume cover letter needs to sound as flowing and natural as a professional conversation.

Putting All The Free Sample Resume Cover Letter Pieces Together

Convincing means that the free sample resume cover letter takes the information from the resume and uses it to prove the point that the applicant is able to solve the biggest business problems that the opening has to face. The most convincing way to make that point is to show that the applicant has solved these problems in his or her career already and has achieved the sorts of results which are relevant and directly transferable over to the new target position. During the course of proving this point, the sample resume cover letter should list the problem that the employee faced, the actions that he or she took and the results that he or she achieved.

Naturally, a lot of this information is highly specific to the applicant and the company and finding a free resume sample cover letter which is applicable will be very unlikely. But a free sample resume cover letter which does all these things for a sample resume at least shows a job seeker how it should be done, and presents a great example of how to craft an effective resume for him or her self.


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