The Real Cost Of Free Resume Writing

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Free resume writing templates can be a great way to see what resumes should look like. These sample templates will provide an example of how information should be formatted, what kind of spacing and fonts and bullet points to use, and give a general idea of what kind of information a resume should obtain. A free resume writing sample, however, is never going to function as a substitute for the research, effort and thinking that goes into creating your very own resume.

When you use a free resume writing example without thinking about what you are doing you deny yourself the opportunity to insure that your resume is the very best, most effective resume possible. Even worse, you miss out on the kind of mental work which will toughen up your thinking about the target job, your experience and how to sell yourself. Consequently, resumes which are little more than free resume writing samples given new names don't get you the interview that you want, and don't prepare you for the interview if you would be lucky enough to get it. Consequently, job seekers who want to have the very best chance of success I the job market should use free resume writing samples as sparingly as possible, saving them for the last stage of the resume writing process.

The Alternative to Free Resume Writing Samples

Instead of relying on free resume writing samples, truly dedicated job hunters should instead learn the secrets of effective resume writing for themselves. The first part of that process is quite easy. To write an effective resume, someone should know what a resume is for and what it isn't for. A resume isn't a summary of your work history, though it may contain something along those lines. It's not a stylized profile of your contributions to the companies you have worked for, though that information will be present. It's not a biography, either, though biographical elements will be included on the resume. Simply put, a resume is a sales document designed to obtain a job interview.

What most free resume writing sample writers don't understand is that a sales document needs to be focused one hundred percent on the task of persuading the reader to take the action that the writer wants him or her to take. In this case, it is to decide that the resume writer is qualified, interested and available for the position. The best way to do that is to look at the opportunity in the same way that the hiring manager is. The hiring manager sees business problems which need to be solved by whoever takes the target position. For that reason, the resume that works the best is going to be the one which demonstrates convincingly that the writer is experienced and capable at solving the same business problems which the target position faces. Writing this resume from scratch offers the candidate a much greater chance of effectively making that case tan merely changing up an existing free resume writing template.


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