Should You Use A Free Resume Template?

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Chances are you're looking for a free resume template. This article will begin by questioning the value of free resume templates in the first place. In the phrase "free resume template" the key word to focus on is "free." As you focus in that word, try to think to yourself how many other free items you come across in your life that are of value to you. Not too may, I'd wager. That's one of the things that the word "free" means... of zero worth or value.

Free resume templates can be of limited value for a couple of reasons. For one reason, they are by their very nature generic. No template is going to match your job history, your experience, your educational qualifications, interests and skills exactly. Consequently, they all require significant alteration to match up with your background. Unfortunately, the typical free resume template doesn't do much to educate you in how to most effectively make those alterations. Instead, you are forced to rely on imitation, instead of proven, strategic advice on what an interview and job getting resume should accomplish.

The Alternative to the Free Resume Template

Secondly, free resume templates are often without value because they are outdated. As in every other aspect of life and work, time passes and various fads come and go. The free resume template that you find online may have been very effective ten or fifteen years ago, but is more than a little stale and boring to the hiring manager who looks at dozens of resumes every day. Because of these factors, it's usually a smarter move to simply write up a fresh resume yourself. Doing this makes sure that you have information which is most specific and relevant to both your target job and your own qualifications. Secondly, writing the resume yourself ensures that your qualifications and information is presented in the most strategic, proven and effective manner possible. Thirdly, you can ensure that your resume is written in a fresh, clean and modern format.

But besides creating a better resume than a free resume template, writing your own resume produces some other educational benefits as well. Writing your own resume forces you to do the research and thinking that will help your job search be successful much more than simply sitting down and altering a free resume template ever would. To write your own resume, you've got to match up the requirements of your target job with the kind of work experience and qualifications that make you a good fit for that job. That involves learning about the target job duties, problems, and issues, not to mention in-depth analysis of your own experience and how those match up. That kind of research and thinking gives you a great advantage when you sit down for the interview for that job.


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