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Avoid using just any free resume online. These free resumes might appear at first to be a great "deal." They are there, they are free ad they can be easily changed to fit whatever job that you are applying for. But in the short run, using these resumes can harm your chances offending the very best, most effective resume that you are capable of sending. In the long run, using a free resume online dulls your sense of what's required of you in the job you are applying for and your command of reasons why you are the best qualified for that job.

The reason that writing your own resume is so much more effective in both the short and long term than using a free resume online is because writing a resume the right way is a true learning experience for you to discover and clarify a lot of issues regarding both the job and yourself. Writing a resume is essentially an exercise in providing proof that you are capable of solving the most pressing business problems which the target company faces. Accomplishing this goal requires you to execute three important and related tasks. The first task is to discover and become clear on what kind of problems the position you are applying for is responsible for solving and what kind of results define success in that position.

More Items A Free Resume Online Can't Provide

The second important task that writing a powerful resume has that can't be accomplished by altering a free resume online is to survey your job history and determine how your experiences, successes and accomplishments relate to those problems. The third task which you must accomplish is to determine a way to describe and list those accomplishments and successes on paper in a way that the reader understands how they relate to the requirements of the target position. Unlike going to a free resume online and changing the job title and duties around, these three tasks require a considerable amount of work. Getting a clear idea of the job requirement, for instance, might necessitate the candidate do online research, find trade journal articles about the target company and even interview current and former employees of that company.

All that extra work is worthwhile, however, because unlike an altered free resume from online, the product of this writing effort will be a tailor made and customized sales document which will have the targeted reader convinced that the candidate is perfect for the job. What's more, all the work that the candidate did accomplishing those three tasks pays even greater dividends during the interview. As a result of his or her researching, thinking and writing, the candidate is extremely prepared for the interview. If he or she sticks to the same sort of experience and success in relevant business problems answers, the interviewer will be very impressed indeed.


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