Which Free Resume Format Guides Are Worth Using?

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The free resume format guides online are popular and dangerous. Don't fall into the trap. If you want to learn to format your resume to get you the interviews that land you the job you want, it's not that hard or even likely to cost you any money. But you do need to learn how to distinguish good resume writing technique from bad, and learn to recognize when a free resume format is worth using or worth passing over.

In the first place, it's worth thinking about what a free resume format should be used for. A free resume format is a good source for information on the basics, the framework, if you will, of a resume. What kind of font to use, what kind of spacing, how to format the information and other physical and aesthetic matters. It's also a good place to get an idea of what kind of information to put down and how long it should be on the page. If you see a quick way that someone has written the bullet points in their free resume format, then you can take that information for yourself in your resume. Lastly, it's a good way of seeing how someone has solved a similar resume writing problem to yours.

Free Resume Format Categories

Many free resume formats come in several categories, including various fields, experience levels and job history or career change scenarios. If your situation matches up with those formats, then you can get a good sense of how they have addressed the problem like yours and made it work out for themselves. That is extremely valuable information to bring to the crafting of your own resume. It is important, however, that you don't get the idea that a free resume format is something that you can merely change a couple of words around on and pass off as your own.

A resume is one of those documents in which specificity makes all the difference. You are a specific individual with a unique and different work background, history, educational achievements, hobbies, personality and set of ambitions. The job you are applying for is also unique and specific. It has its own challenges, requirements, problems, corporate culture and work environment just as specific as yours. The more that you alter, fit and change your resume to reflect these unique qualities, the more powerful your resume will be. Ultimately, that level of specificity and uniqueness isn't going to appear on a free resume format sample that you find on the Internet. When it is finished, the resume should read as a personalized selling document that uses your individual strengths and experiences as selling points for why you can solve the business problems that the target job most needs solved.


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