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If you are a job seeker creating a resume for yourself, filling out a free resume form, whether online or part of a resume creating software package, is actually the last step of your resume-making process. Though online resume creating forms and software which turns your career and personal information into finished resumes can be a valuable tool to help you get your information organized and formatted correctly, before you can effectively use any of them, you must first do some work to figure out what kind of information to give them.

A free resume form can't offer you strategic or tactical advice on how to best sell yourself. It can't read your mind and determine what kinds of experience and accomplishments you should enter onto your resume. And it can't edit what you put in for relevancy and effective convincing power. Consequently, the resume that you get when you use a free resume form conforms strictly to the "garbage in, garbage out" law of programming. For that reason, it's worth your time and energy to learn what kind of information you should provide before you begin using any electronic or software aids in the creation of your resume. The extra effort that you spend on getting your resume writing strategy just right will pay off big dividends for you.

What Goes Into a Free Resume Form

The information that goes into the free resume form should be only the information which convinces the reader that you are qualified for the open position. Ultimately, the best way to prove that you are qualified is to prove that you have already achieved notable successes and achievements solving the most important business problems that the position is responsible for. Before you can provide that information, however, you will first need to know clearly and completely what those problems are, even if that requires you to conduct research and interviews with informed sources. Once you know what the hiring manager believes to be the most relevant experience, then you simply look for ways to spin or pitch your existing career experience in a manner which will convince the reader that you fit that image of the ideal candidate.

As you fill in your free resume form, you will have opportunities to input information for a number of different resume sections. In each of these sections you have an opportunity to strengthen your case that you have significant experience, accomplishments and successes solving the target position's most relevant business problems. Whether you are inputting information about your education, your awards, your activities or what your career objective is, each answer that the free resume form prompts you to make can be provided in a way that strengthens your case. That way, the resume as a whole is a strong and convincing sales document which gets you the interview. Best of all, the work that you've done learning about both the job and how your experience is relevant to it provides a great deal of preparation for that interview when you have it.


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