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A free resume builder is a great way to format your job history and accomplishments into a powerful and effective resume. Ultimately however, a free resume builder is only as effective as the information that you give it to format. For that reason, whether you intend to use resume builders or not, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the basic strategy of resume writing. Having an idea of why you are writing your resume and what information a resume should contain will let you be sure to input the most relevant and important data into the resume builder and receive the most powerful interview-landing resume in return.

Most free resume builders are computer programs or word processing macros that prompt you to input certain aspects of your job history and qualifications, and then rearrange them into a resume format. Any time that you go to a job search board and enter in your job history, you are using a form of a resume builder. For most of the information which you are prompted, the answer is pretty straightforward. There is, for example, very little strategy involved in what address you enter. But for other pieces of the resume building puzzle, you might want to reveal information which furthers the aims of the resume.

Help Your Free Resume Builder Help You

A free resume builder is not going to help you out in strategically thinking through how to best present your information to prospective employers. It's just a computer program, remember? So that's your job. The way to do that is to remind yourself that the aim of the resume is to make a case to the reader that you are qualified and interested in the job. Ultimately, that is established by demonstrating that you 1) have the skills and experienced necessary to solve the business problems that the job presents and 2) Actually want to solve them. The way that both of these points are proven is simple. An effective resume, whether written by the job-seeker or a free resume builder shows that you already have experience solving similar or identical problems, and that you've demonstrated a passion for solving those problems in your career. In the case of the expertise piece, the way that a resume does this best is to list accomplishments in terms of problems, solutions, actions and results in the bullet points under each job listed. In the case of the passion piece, that is where the "objective" line of the resume comes in handy.

If your free resume does not have a prompt for "objective," don't use it, unless you absolutely have to. The importance of the objective lie cannot be overstated. For one thing, it's the first line that the reader sees when they look at the resume. Secondly, it's a real test of whether the employee "gets it" about the job, the environment, and the career that they are applying for. If their objective does not match up with the realities of the job that they are targeting, then the hiring manager immediately knows that the fit is not perfect.


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