What Does a Free Resume Really Cost You?

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Free resumes are a dime a dozen and you better be careful. For example, here's one that I just found on the internet. What do you think about it? Think it's good? Think that it's written with a thorough knowledge of time-tested principles for displaying competence and passion for your exact field and target profession? Think that it exactly nails the precise combination of experience, accomplishments, education and interests which makes you the most qualified candidate for your target job? In short, is this free resume which I found on the internet a proven interview getting piece of written salesmanship?

Probably not. And that's just the problem with the various free resumes, free cover letters and other free job search help that is out there floating around in books, magazines, and websites. Either it is something which isn't very good to start with, or something that was good once, but has gotten old and stale through overexposure to the market or its something that would be great for someone else, but not at all applicable to yourself. As a matter of fact, that's why those free resumes are free, because that is exactly what they are worth. But there is an alternative to picking up some free resume from someplace and trying to make it work for you. And that alternative isn't going to some expensive resume writing service and paying hundreds of dollars either.

The Alternative to the Free Resume

Hold on to your hats, but instead of taking a free resume and changing it, it's actually more effective to simply write a new one for yourself. What's more, it's not all that much harder. By the time you've gone to all the trouble of changing a free resume around, you probably could be well on your way to writing a fresh one. What's more, the process of writing a fresh, effective, selling resume does such a good job of clarifying your thoughts about your goals, your qualifications and your job search strategies that it's going to result in better cover letters, interviews and job performance than going online and getting a free resume would have done.

There are plenty of resources out there to help you write a resume that is better than the free resume that you could download. All you have to do is look around, and the other pages on this very site are a good place for you to get started. But in generally, the information for writing better resumes boils down to a couple of main themes. First, write as specific a resume as you can. If you are open to more than one job, then write more than one resume and send them out to the different employers separately. Second, write about your qualifications and experience in terms of problems solved, actions taken and results achieved. Try to make these elements from your past experience as applicable as possible to the requirements of the new position. Third, use the simplest, clearest and most active language possible in the resume.


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