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Not all free professional resume samples are created equal. Just like anything else in the world, some are better than others, and to make sure that you get the professional job that you want, you should make sure that you get one which does everything that it should do. The free professional resume samples are out there on the Internet, in books and magazines, but you will need to do some learning about resumes in order to recognize them. The first thing to know is that the purpose of a resume is very simple: It needs to convince the reader that the job candidate is qualified for the position, and worth bringing in for an interview.

A free professional resume sample, therefore, needs to convince hiring managers that the candidate is a minimum of two things; qualified and interested. Convincing a hiring manager of qualification is a question of showing that the candidate's job experience and educational achievements make him or her capable of solving the business problems that the target position is responsible for. The best way to do this is to write the resume in such a way that demonstrates that the candidate has already solved identical or similar problems before in their career. The place to do this is in a series of bullet points underneath the job history listing for each poison on your resume. Using active verbs, these points should lay out the problems that you solved, the actions that you took and the results you achieved for each job on the resume.

How a Free Professional Resume Sample Can Prove Passion

Finding a free professional resume sample that proves hat you are interested is more tricky. When you send it in yourself, it's a big clue to the target company that you are at least open to the possibility of taking another position. If that isn't enough, the statement of purpose, or objective line is where that can happen. Many people neglect to write their objective line, or if they do, fail to put a lot of thought into it. That's a big mistake. Every other line in your resume speaks to your past, to what you have done. These accomplishment and achievements are important, mind you, but don't give the full picture of what you would like to do, or what your future actions will be. In other words, your level of interest. That is where the career objective portion of the resume can help you.

In addition to qualified and interested, there are a couple of other qualities which a great free professional resume sample will display. It should show that you are passionate about your job, as demonstrated by extra training and accomplishments related to your field. It should show that you are dependable, as demonstrated by a respectable tenure at each position. And it should show that you are detail oriented, by being well thought out and designed for quick, clear scanning by the hiring manager.


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