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A free professional resume maker can hurt your job search. Though there are some exceptions, for the most part, these free resume maker professionals bring a great deal of expertise and knowledge to the art and science of creating professional resumes. After all, anyone in the world can write his or her resume absolutely free. Consequently, if someone is getting paid hundreds of dollars for writing the resume, then they must bring something pretty special to the process. What they bring is a combination of theory and practice developed to create the most effective resume possible.

The theory, which the free resume maker professional brings to, the craft of writing resumes, is that resumes are more or less nothing more than sales documents. Though the average person may approach the resume as if it is a historical or biographical text, which must reflect the stark reality of the candidate's career life so far, the resume professional sees every line on that resume as a chance to sell the reader on a specific idea: that the candidate is qualified for the job and should be brought in for an interview. Another piece of the theory which the free resume maker professional applies to that the resume reader is evaluating the resume to judge whether the candidate can solve specific business problems that the reader knows are a part of the target job. The third part of the theory which the resume maker professional uses is that the best way to prove that the candidate can solve the target job's business problems is to demonstrate that he or she has already solved similar problems in his or her career already.

How to Be Your Own Free Resume Maker Professional

The experience that the free resume maker professional brings to the resume writing process comes from years spent applying these theories to hundreds of different resumes, in several different fields and learning what each target opportunity needs to establish. That body of knowledge can take a long time to acquire but luckily you don't need it. You're only trying to write a resume for yourself, remember? So as long as you are willing to do the thinking and the research to find out what kind of problems the target job is hoping to see you solve, you can write your own professional resume.

As you write your free resume maker professional style resume for yourself, think of how you can prove your experience solving the specific problems which you determined are important. As a part of each job title entry on your resume, briefly list accomplishments which speak to your ability to master these key skills and challenges. Before you are finished, be sure to add a "Career Objective" line which drives home your problem solving skill and shows that you have not just experience, but a passion for it.


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