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A lot of free online resume help is generic and weak at best. What you might find will tell you what to say in a resume, and even give you an example of a resume to copy but very few will give you valid advice on the theory and philosophy of why to make a resume a certain way. The problem with that approach to free online resume help is summarized in the statement "give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for life. Once you learn the important concepts and reasons why some resumes work, then you can always re-write and improve your resume for the rest of your career.

One good piece of free online resume help advice is to think about the times that you hire someone to get a better overview of what employers look for in a resume. When you hire a plumber to unplug your kitchen drain you aren't looking for a plumber are you? You are looking for an unplugged kitchen drain. In other words, employers hire to obtain results, pure and simple. Consequently, if you were interviewing a series of plumbers or looking at their resumes, you would find yourself most interested in the plumber candidates who showed a particular strength in the kitchen drain unplugging department. The employers that you send your resume to are no different. They have their needs and their problems and are looking for specific results. As they evaluate your resume, they are looking for proof that you can deliver those results. Your first job as a job seeker is to do the research to discover what results the target position is looking for.

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Another piece of online free resume help is to remember the plumber example, and think of what would convince you that the plumbing candidate is capable of unplugging the drain. Like any employer, you are going to look for a combination of training, certification and most of all experience. You will want to know that the candidates have successfully unplugged drains before. In a similar manner, your potential employers will want to see a mixture of training, certification and especially experience. Write your resume to demonstrate a great deal of success achieving the result that the target position is responsible for producing.

The last piece of free online resume help is to use every portion of the resume to prove your experience and passion for the responsibilities of the position. Your educational section can show how you have been trained for the position's responsibilities, your activities section can be used to show how you improve yourself even during your off hours, your awards and accomplishments section can be used to prove that you are excellent at everything you set your mind to accomplish. Lastly, your career objective line can show that you have a true passion for achieving the results that the job requires.


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